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NLP Life Coaching and Hypnosis; Business Coaching and Training in Toms River, Ocean County, NJ. Personal Change and Problem Resolution. Also available is a full range of Hypnosis Services to stop smoking, lose weight, habit control, pain management and more. Coaching for Personal Change, Business Coaching and Certification Training in NLP and Life Coaching is all available here at the National Center for Human Development.


NLP Life Coaching: Experience Self-Mastery

Here at the National Center for Human Development your NLP Life Coach leads and gives you the tools for dealing with, solving and resolving the problems and complexities of your life.

NLP Life Coaching deals with how you think, feel and react. It provides tools for you to be in charge of yourself in each of these areas. It allows you to be the master of your own behavior and to direct your own brain and life. You can be free. You can enjoy Self-Mastery.

NLP Life Coaching is different than psychotherapy and counseling. Psychotherapy and counseling  deal with memory content, why you are upset.

Your NLP Life Coach deals with your memory process, how you are upset. How you experience fear and hurt, rather than why you experience them.

You cannot change what happened to you in life. But  you CAN change how you feel about what happened to you in life. NLP Life Coaching teaches and shows you how to do this, how to heal. It applies techniques that work. You can and will experience happiness, peace and satisfaction.


  • Free yourself from stress.
  • Control – and even end! – anxiety, depression, frustration and anger. Get rid of the drugs!
  • Heal past trauma  – truly put it to rest. And without have to re-experience distress!
  • Eliminate phobias. Want to fly? Speak before a group? You can!
  • Manage pain and reduce its symptoms.
  • Remove roadblocks to goals, success and achievement. Get out of your own way.
  • Experience happiness and be able to trigger it whenever you want.
  • Be able to relax on command.
  • Sleep peacefully through the night.
  • Change habits and compulsions.
  • Lose Weight.
  • Stop Smoking!
  • Sports Performance Enhancement.
  • Full Hypnosis services.
  • And more…

Introduction to NLP

Enjoy a morning experiencing the power of NLP for you! You will improve self-confidence and enhance your physical, mental and communications performance immediately! Experience a variety of NLP Techniques, such as a powerful method to instantly establish rapport. Learn how to immediately access your own personal state of excellence on command. Learn and experience a quick process to eliminate stress that you can apply throughout your day. Recognize how you structure experience and how use that knowledge to speak the other person’s language. Imagine living an empowered life!

Date: TBA
Place: National Center for Human Development
Cost: $59.00
Limited Seating. Advance registration required. You may register with PayPal, or call 732-244-6116.

NLP and Life Coach Certification Training



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