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No longer can you afford to take communication for granted. Communicating is a skill, and like any skill, can be developed and improved. Getting an edge in today’s business world means to learn the strategies of the successful communicator. These strategies have been isolated and broken down into easy-to-learn, step-by-step procedures. Mastery of these will make successful communication a predictable, conscious choice, rather than a random event.

You will emerge from this Certified Practitioner of NLP training with the ability to establish rapport quickly, communicate your position elegantly, handle objections professionally, and close transactions so that all parties are satisfied. Specifically, you will:


  • Develop your ability to positively influence others.
  • Gain Skills for personal achievement.
  • Improve your project management skills.
  • Learn to create modeling programs to establish expert systems.
  • Strengthen your rapport skills.
  • Expand your personal capabilities to motivate subordinates.
  • Advance your communication techniques to improve quality performance in individuals and organizations.
  • Improve your skills for gathering high quality information.
  • Explore techniques for effective negotiations and dealing with resistance.


Motivation, Values, and Decision Profiling: Business professionals in management, training, personnel, and organizational development will learn a systematic way to understand how a person is motivated, their working style, and their decision strategies. This can be used in predicting job performance, management style, learning style, and many other behaviors.

Models of Management Excellence: You will learn the basic patterns of influence and how to utilize them in presentations, sales, and organizational management. Learn how to detect and maintain the “yes set,’ to permit people to continue to go along with your proposals. Learn how to leverage your important agreements to maintain long-term rapport and cooperation. Learn to create triggers for positive associations about you and others.

The Leadership Lab: Confidence, assertiveness, influence, personal power and charisma are some of the elusive qualities of leadership. They can also make the difference between being effective and being recognized as being effective. Learn how to set goals so that disappointment does not occur. Learn how to overcome past disappointments that are limiting you. Learn a three minute exercise to re-energize yourself anytime you wish for maximum performance on command.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: Most situations are routine; others seem to be anything but. Learning to respond to the non-routine will not only solve problems, but may uncover opportunities for innovation and change. Learn how to stay on track and get to conclusions by the shortest possible route.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Specific models to facilitate successful negotiation include outcome frames. Learn skills to create win-win solutions in any context. How to find the power person, and then use that power to move the negotiation toward conclusion quickly and respectfully. How to help all parties to the transaction maintain excellent states.

Team Building: Team leaders who encourage cooperation and constructively manage group diversity can build teams that work….How to leverage your important agreements to maintain long-term rapport and cooperation. How to utilize relevancy challenges to maintain-efficiency in both one-on-one communications and in group or committee. How to manage group dynamics. How to move the group to a goal. How to deal with hidden agendas.

Achieving Personal Excellence: Learn personal strategies for conditioning your life for success. Discover the skills to achieve mastery over your mind and emotions. Master specific strategies for inspiring yourself and others to perform consistently at higher levels. Begin to transform negative emotions into positive ones, easily and effectively.

Performance Integration and Certification Evaluation: Utilizing the skills and resources developed throughout the training. This will challenge you to develop a wide variety of new choices in your behavior which will automatically give you the flexibility to deal with any interpersonal situation. Skill levels will be behaviorally assessed, individualized agendas will be developed and participants will work on achieving specific outcomes.

The economy is recovering. I wonder if now you won’t take the opportunity to immerse yourself in an absolutely amazing, powerful and transformational training experience. Many of you have heard my NLP talks over the years. Imagine the skills and insights you will gain as a Certified Practitioner of NLP and as a Certified NLP Life Coach to add to your personal and professional skill level and when you are able to use them with others and apply them to yourself!

Join us for 10 breakthrough weekend training seminars to unleash your power to change habits, successfully communicate and influence others, choose your thoughts and feelings, change stress to calm, shift procrastination into motivation. Learn and experience true life self-mastery that you can apply with others as well as you master the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP Life Coach training.

We are offering a unique Dual Certification Training: Practitioner of NLP and NLP Life Coach. As far as I know, this dual training opportunity is offered nowhere else in the country. It’s two in depth trainings for the price of one!

And what’s also unique to your NLP training is that I am a Behavioral Scientist by profession. I have a Master’s degree in Human Development. My expertise is in the neurophysiology of memory. How you think, create and store memory. How the different parts of the brain interact for memory, learning and change. How to put new behaviors in and how to take old behaviors out. Regular NLP Trainers are taught to teach that if you do “Y,” “Z” happens. But they don’t understand or know why. Not only do you learn technology that works, you learn why and how it works, what actually goes on and what changes in the brain. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to develop further on your own. I know this isn’t taught anywhere else at any other training anywhere in the country!

I wonder if now the time for Visioning? Visioning and re-visioning for the future, Visioning for self. Professional and business Visioning. Time to unlock and realize your potential? Remove blocks that stopped you in the past from realizing your vision. Imagine learning and practicing the tools to make life be for you the way you always wanted it to be. Improve relationships. Improve personal effectiveness. Improve business effectiveness. Learn and practice Self-Mastery. Get rid of your old, worn-out “baggage.”

Course tuition remains only $2995.00. That includes all materials and Certification Testing Fee (usually an additional $350.00 expense). Space is limited. Register today and reserve your place.

Want to experience and sample NLP, our trainer and the training? Then come to our:

Introduction to NLP

Enjoy a morning experiencing the power of NLP for you! You will improve self-confidence and enhance your physical, mental and communications performance immediately! Experience a variety of NLP Techniques, such as a powerful method to instantly establish rapport. Learn how to immediately access your own personal state of excellence on command. Learn and experience a quick process to eliminate stress that you can apply throughout your day. Recognize how you structure experience and how use that knowledge to speak the other person’s language. Imagine this technology empowering your life!

Date: TBA 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: National Center for Human Development
Cost: $59.00
Limited Seating. Advance registration required. Please call 732-244-6116

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