Life Coaching and Human Development Counseling Testimonials:

“I was just reflecting on some things and wanted to take a moment to thank you for the impact you have had on my life and for all of the help you have given me. Thank you Roger Lees, you are a true asset to mankind and I am forever grateful.”

Ninety Foot Pole Climb

“I am writing you this letter to thank you for all your help in curing me of my fear of heights…My job at that time was one that the company I work for would not be needing in the future. The only area…that had job openings was the Line Department. Due to my fear of heights I would not have been able to qualify for that job. After just one session with you my fear of heights was cured. I…am now working in the Transmission Department. I have enclosed a photo of myself at the top of a ninety foot pole…have made five climbs to that level and numerous climbs to other various heights… when I came to you I didn’t hold much faith in hypnosis but in my case it has truly worked. Thanks again!”

“I just wanted to write and let you know how grateful I am to you from freeing me from my 30 year smoking habit…I not only quit smoking, but I joined Weight Watchers and have lost five pounds. I joined a gym and am feeling great…”

“Don’t know if you realize just how much you helped me…you have literally changed my life! My sincerest Thanks…”

“Just a brief note to say thanks for all of your help. In just one short week I have regained my composure and have realized that life is short and I do have the tools to make it happy and fulfilling…”

“There are times when – Time Stops – and life shifts. How honored we are that you chose to be part of our family. A. [deceased] again has brought us together and again has been the catalyst for our family to become closer and stronger. Your being part of this is so natural and has helped us to find peace. God Bless you, Roger.”

“To my friend Roger, You’re great. Anything in life is possible. Make it happen…”
Jack La Lanne

“1st I’d like to thank you so very much for all you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me get back on track, and remember what it’s like to relax and enjoy life. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I finished the semester as a brand new person. I am now someone that can stand in front of ANY size audience and speak for any length of time! As I speak I look at each and every person in the room so I can make sure that everyone is looking at me and listening to me. I am a brand new Relaxed person and I have you to thank for everything. I wish I could put into words exactly how you changed my life. My worst fear has now become something I enjoy doing! Thank you so much!”

“Here is my postcard to prove I actually could fly from NJ to Hawaii! The flights were smooth but long and I managed them without white Knuckles! Today I even took a helicopter ride–…”

Training Testimonials:

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My NLP training course has opened up a closed door that had existed prior in my relationship with my wife and teenage children. Using the technology has restored the love and great energy back to my home. The value of my happy home far exceeds any cost I would have paid for this knowledge.

The NLP training given by Roger Lees empowered me to enhance my marketing and communication skills and increase my bottom line productivity by greater than 25%.

Steve P., Chiropractor, NLP Practitioner Training

… the most valuable lesson that I learned while studying NLP with Roger at the National Center for Human Development was drive your own bus. As you understand how your own mind works thus discover how other brains work, capabilities. It gives me a desire to be more proactive than reactive in all areas of my life. I think staying on purpose, staying focused…you really can’t separate business and personal. You really want to be in a situation where you are coming from a very good state in order to really feel effective and kind of begin with the end in mind.

I originally took the class (NLP Practitioner Training) in order to be a better leader and communicator with my staff. It turned out that my focus also became (that) of a better communicator with my family, my wife, my children – oddly enough – and noticing that those connections are really going to help me in my business level as well. …My physical life, meaning health and vitality and that ability to be the director of my own life.

Tony P., Business Owner, NLP Practitioner Training

…an inspiring and truly thought provoking seminar. It is an interesting and very complex world we live in today. The person who is attuned to the human psyche and understands human behavior relative to communication will have a significant edge over his/her peers. Your seminar certainly gives one that edge.

The seminars that I attended on business communications were amazing eye openers. I learned such things as “How do we really communicate?,” “How important is mannerisms and physical reactions?” “What role does perception play in communication?” etc. The course was taught in a very professional manner and yet was relaxed enough through attendee participation to be a lot of fun. I believe that your seminars will not only aide a person in gaining a competitive edge in the business world but will also aide the individual in solidifying and understanding personal relationships. …I will not hesitate to recommend these seminars to anyone.

Robert B., Director, Unisys Operations

The Training I received at the Center continues to work wonders long after the course has been completed. Unlike other performance training programs that produce temporary improvements, your techniques have become a permanent part of my communications package.

More specifically, the ability to gain rapport with practically anyone; to understand minimal cues and body language and to recognize individuals’ decision making strategies has produced some very tangible benefits. I have developed stronger relationships with current clients and improved my presentation skills. Most importantly, with the help of NLP, I’ve been able to increase my company’s billing by 40% over last year.

If you want a spokesperson for your Center, count me in!

David M., President , DMc Enterprises

I would have difficulty singling out any one behavior or new skill – they were all great. The most powerful imagery was the self-comforting! This was the most powerful training I have received in my 26 years with Unisys.

Marsha A., Business Development Manager

… Almost every day I hear your words either internally or exiting as a statement to one of my clients or associates. Even while we were still in the Master Practitioner class, I recognized that I would be putting you on my list of highly esteemed teachers. I have taken many classes and trainings since that time and you remain one of the top 5 teachers of my lifetime so far. Not having mastered the model, I don’t feel adequate to specifically practice NLP professionally, a personal limitation I am comfortable with. Yet, when a NLP intervention is appropriate I have been able to apply it successfully. Sometimes, a process that I haven’t thought about in years will come streaming into my conscious mind exactly at the moment I need it. It has made me realize repeatedly how effectively you taught on multiple levels.

Even though a simple thank you doesn’t express my deep gratitude it’s all I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May life bless you with happiness and peace.

Eve D., NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training

All of life contains transitions. Now is one of those times for me. As I will soon be leaving the area for Arizona, I wish to refer you to someone as deserving of your confidence as I have been.

If you’ve ever walked on fire, or enjoyed any of my courses, you will like Roger Lees, President of the National Center for Human Development in Toms River… My family and I have worked personally with Roger for personal change. In addition, I received my basic NLP training from the National Center for Human Development. As you may be aware, NLP is a large basis for the ability to FIREWALK. I am pleased to refer you to roger and to the National Center for Human Development for personal change work, and for seminars and training….

Roger is a caring an exceptionally competent counselor. He is also an outstanding NLP trainer and seminar leader. I am totally comfortable and pleased to be able to turn my practice over to Roger and to refer you to him.

Jana S., Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training

Self-mastery of my conscious state. The ability to step into and out of states of excellence.

Barry D.

For me this was literally of “Life Trance-formation” experience. You accorded me an opportunity to access skills for both my personal and professional repertoire – Their facility lies not in the excellence of your tutelage but rather in my competence in their rehearsal and … in their application.

I remain indebted to you for this window into the unconscious mind and look forward to opening it … in the years ahead…

Laura M.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. I have a better feeling of perceptiveness in recognizing my and employees traits and how to work with it.

Linde B.

The most valuable part of the class for me was (how to) create rapport with others, learning questioning techniques – pacing an leading techniques – The seminar made my thinking process much better, look for more open options, how to take any situation to the right direction. Seminar is Great…

Rajani L.

The most valuable thing I learned was soft questioning and reframing. The way the brain works, which explains why we react as we do. The materials were designed to hit right on the for the analyst’s tasks. I got the feeling that the analysts want to give these ideas a try!

Reston S., Group Manager, Unisys Central Support Operations

…How my brain operates; How to reduce stress. How to be happier… Instructor is highly commended for a great job. Thank you for helping me to grow both personally and professionally.

Eugene A., Senior Systems Specialist


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