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Rabbi Yechiel Malik, Certified Life Coach

Culled from a challenging childhood and its resulting consequential maturity, Rabbi Malik, the youngest of eight siblings, quickly acquired a sensitive, compassionate heart with a sharp eye. A keen listener, his kindness drew many a friend and classmate to confide in him.

Realizing that helping people was his life calling, Rabbi Malik graduated from Refuah Institue as a Certified Life Coach trained in CBT, NLP, and EST.

Currently, Rabbi Malik is the Rav of Congregation Ahavas Achim Lvov in Boro Park and has a private practice, counseling and coaching individuals as well as interpersonal relations.


Rabbi Malik’s objective is to help people achieve a high quality and emotionally balanced life. Using solution focused therapy, Rabbi Malik encourages the individual to problem solve independently. Providing the appropriate tools, Rabbi Malik will help you find your inner strength and the confidence to live by that.

In addition, Rabbi Malik facilitates healthy interpersonal relationships as well. Using various techniques, experience and skills, Rabbi Malik challenges relationships to invite vulnerability and compassion. Under Rabbi Malik’s care, partners, couples, and others can practice effective communication and establish a rapport of true connection.

Rabbi Malik’s work is one which the end goal is for you to discover the wherewith to coach yourself.


The ultimate relationship, marriage, is one which invites intimacy and oneness. Inspired by a desire to help troubled bochurim establish healthy marriages, rabbi Malik enrolled in marriage counseling studies after a stint as assistant head counselor of a boy’s camp. With intuition and training, Rabbi Malik, has been counseling couples ever since. Rabbi Malik strongly believes no one need to resign to a marriage depleted of joy and love. With a little bit of help, marriage can and should be the most cherished relationship of your life.


Roger V. Lees, M.A., former President of the National Center for Human Development (est. 1983), is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching. He is a Behavioral Scientist with a Master of Arts degree in Human Development from Fairleigh Dickinson University. His mastery of the NLP technology, his results orientation, and his humorous and caring style made him one of the area’s most effective coaches and trainers for growth and change.

He helped thousands of clients achieve their goals and outcomes. From corporate accounts, such as Schering Plough International, to individual clients, Mr. Lees was widely sought after for his personal coaching, training and facilitative skills.

Mr. Lees did most of his training directly with the original developers and early innovators of NLP: Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Steve Andreas, Joseph Yeager, Wyatt Woodsmall, the Lanktons, Leslie Bandler and Marvin Oka. He trained with numerous other top trainers such as Ernest Rossi. Some of his students are now internationally recognized top NLP personalities.


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