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What is Hypnosis?

The clinical definition for hypnosis is a fine focus of attention. Hypnosis occurs naturally every day. Have you ever been driving when all of sudden you look around to try and figure out where you are? Maybe miles have gone by. Maybe you drove past your exit? Well you just came out of a hypnotic state. Your unconscious mind was that part of you that kept you at a steady speed and watched out for obstacles. It happens in restaurants all the time. Notice that most times you are not aware of any of the other 75 people in the restaurant. That’s hypnosis, pure and simple. Someone drops a tray. What happens? Everyone stops, turns and stares. Do we really care? But what it did is that it broke everyone’s trance. Then you say, “Oh, dropped a tray.” You hear that high murmur of conversation for a few seconds, then, snap, you’re back into trance with the people you came with. But if you smelled smoke, you would certainly stop your trance fast enough and hightail it out of there! Books, movies, computer games, conversations – the trance list goes on.

So you can see that it is not a mysterious state. You don’t “go under.” You are not asleep or unconscious, although like driving, your attention may drift away and you may lose track of time. You can also be very well aware of everything going on and it just may feel that you were just being nice and keeping your eyes closed. With hypnosis no one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. It has no power or authority over you. Again, it is just a fine focus of attention. If it could, there would be as many of us doing this as there are Starbucks. We’d all be very rich. And there wouldn’t be an overweight person or smoker in the country. Metlife stadium would be full! Heck, we’d of dragged Sadaam Hussein out of his cave and said, “Be nice.” And you can lie with hypnosis. It’s not a truth serum. That’s why it’s not permissible in court.

That state is accessed here in a comfortable and relaxed clinical setting to allow your unconscious mind to laser focus on your outcome.

Your conscious mind is the smallest part of what makes us you up as a human. Your conscious mind can only be aware of five to nine bits of information at any given point in time. All the rest is in your unconscious. (By the way, your unconscious is everything that you are not consciously aware of.) Your conscious mind is like what comes up on a computer screen. It’s the end point of everything that makes you up as a person. But it likes to think that it’s in charge of the process, when it’s just along for the ride. Your conscious mind provides general guidance and direction for your life. How well you do with attaining that depends on how well things are lined up inside the box. With hypnosis we put the conscious mind in neutral so we can deal with what’s inside the box to support you attaining your conscious goals and outcomes. Hey, if your conscious mind was in charge, you’d already have solved the problem!

Hypnosis is the access vehicle. Change comes about with the application of the NLP Life Coaching and Human Development tools and technology. With the safe, comfortable assistance of hypnosis, you will be expertly guided towards your outcome.

Applications especially suited for hypnosis, partial list:

Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Self Confidence
Social Anxiety
Test Anxiety
Performance Anxiety
Public Speaking
Sexual Anxiety
Panic Disorder & Panic Attacks
Fears and Phobias
Pain Control
Sleep and Insomnia
Smoking Cessation
Sports Performance


 “…weight loss…last fall and have lost 20 lbs. to this point in time, and the holidays were a snap for me. Got another five or so pounds to go to be where I want to be, but you did wonders for me. So I guess I’m a good waling advertisement…Thanks so much.”

“Hi, Mr. Lees. I attended your smoking cessation through hypnosis last September [written in February]…We still are not smoking!”

“…so far I have lost 17 lbs. It has worked very well for me. I played your tape every night at bedtime for two weeks…I started out at 162 and am down to 145. I am 65 inches tall. I have a pear shape so weight has never come off easily…and I walk about 1 mile prior to lunch when I am at work. I feel like I am now in control…”

“My husband and I attended your quit smoking in September [written in December] …I wanted to write to you sooner but…not wanting to “jump the gun”. We both quit! EASILY! I can’t believe it. The only thing that was weird for us was that we kept getting the feeling we were forgetting to do something. That “something” was of course- smoking. The smell of it now is just horrible…we both feel so much better physically and mentally. We both started an exercise program at the same time and have even lost weight, my husband lost 30 pounds!…your read this motivational e-mail from a former client and as I listened to it I was thinking that I am going to write an e-mail like that one day, and here it is…”

“I just wanted to write and let you know how grateful I am to you from freeing me from my 30 year smoking habit. I attend… and I haven’t picked up a cigarette since. I feel so much healthier and energetic, but what’s more I feel somehow empowered. As though I conquered my worst demon and now I can conquer anything. As evidence, I can tell you that in the last two weeks, I not only quit smoking, but I joined Weight Watchers and have lost five pounds. I joined a gym and am feeling great. But perhaps the most freeing experience I have felt since I saw you was the realization that I hated my job. Well, I have since quit that and am embarking on a new and fulfilling career. Thank you so much for not only saving my life, but returning to me the quality of that life.”

Fear Conquered!

“I am writing you this letter to thank you for all your help in curing me of my fear of heights…My job at that time was one that the company I work for would not be needing in the future. The only area…that had job openings was the Line Department. Due to my fear of heights I would not have been able to qualify for that job. After just one session with you my fear of heights was cured. I…am now working in the Transmission Department. I have enclosed a photo of myself at the top of a ninety foot pole…have made five climbs to that level and numerous climbs to other various heights… when I came to you I didn’t hold much faith in hypnosis but in my case it has truly worked. Thanks again!”

“I just wanted to write and let you know how grateful I am to you from freeing me from my 30 year smoking habit…I not only quit smoking, but I joined Weight Watchers and have lost five pounds. I joined a gym and am feeling great…”

“I finished the semester as a brand new person. I am now someone that can stand in front of ANY size audience and speak for any length of time! As I speak I look at each and every person in the room so I can make sure that everyone is looking at me and listening to me. I am a brand new Relaxed person and I have you to thank for everything. I wish I could put into words exactly how you changed my life. My worst fear has now become something I enjoy doing! Thank you so much!”

“Here is my postcard to prove I actually could fly from NJ to Hawaii! The flights were smooth but long and I managed them without white Knuckles! Today I even took a helicopter ride–…”


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