Become a Certified Practitioner of NLP and/or a Certified NLP Life Coach. Add to your personal and professional skill level with in-depth certification training. Imagine the skills and insights you will gain as you are able to use NLP to grow and be more effective both personally and professionally!

Join us for 10 breakthrough weekend training seminars to unleash your power to change habits, successfully communicate and influence others, choose your thoughts and feelings, change stress to peace, shift procrastination into motivation. Learn and experience true self-mastery that you can immediately begin using with others as you continue to master the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP Life Coach training.

We are offering a unique Dual Certification Training: Practitioner of NLP and NLP Life Coach. It’s two in depth certification trainings for the price of one!

And what’s also unique to your NLP training is that your trainer is a Behavioral Scientist. With a Master’s degree in Human Development, his expertise is in the neuro-physiology of memory: How you think, create and store memory; How the different parts of your brain interact for memory, learning and change; How to put new behaviors in and how to take old behaviors out. Regular NLP Trainers come from any walk of life and teach techniques that they were taught. If you do “X,” “Y” happens. But they don’t understand how or know why. Not only do you learn technology that works, you learn why and how it works, what actually goes on and what changes in the brain. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to develop further on your own. This isn’t taught anywhere else at any other training anywhere in the country!

NLP is about using yourself well. It is about making life be and work for you the way that you always wanted it to, whether you want to achieve and enjoy personal success or whether you want to help others to do so. You can achieve and enjoy Self Mastery. You have that picture for you, don’t you?

Leaving these troubling times behind, NOW is the time, isn’t it? Remove blocks that stopped you in the past from realizing your vision. Imagine learning and practicing the tools to make life be for you the way you always wanted it to be. Improve relationships. Improve personal effectiveness. Improve business effectiveness. Learn and practice Self-Mastery. Get rid of your old, worn-out “baggage.”

Six Reasons to Take NLP Training

1. NLP Training for Self-Mastery

Anthony Robbins started out by taking a Practitioner of NLP training. Look at how he’s applied it! Imagine what this training can do for you!

NLP is about your capacity to achieve, to make life be the way you want it to, to be the person you want to be. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a true technology of self-mastery. It is a model for human communications excellence; with you, and with others. Derived from neurophysiology, linguistics (brain grammar), psychology, and human development it is an operating model to direct your own brain, to drive your own bus, to make your life work – financially, professionally and emotionally.

This course will teach you how to unleash your power to change habits, influence others successfully, control thoughts and feelings, master stress and achieve total success by commanding every area of your life. Learn and experience true life self-mastery and reproduce it with others through the basics of NLP Life Coaching.

NLP training can help with trauma, fear of public speaking, motivation, weight loss, insecurity, and more.

2. NLP Training for Business

Imagine successfully growing your business – or starting one! Imagine increasing your income 15 to 40 percent!  Imagine enhancing career and promotion opportunities. Imagine being able to easily manage diverse groups of employees. With an NLP training course you will be able to influence others, increase sales, and learn leadership, coaching, and management skills. NLP training for business is suited for Managers, Sales People, Marketing Professionals, Human Resources, Recruiters and Corporate Trainers.

3. NLP Training for Coaching and Life Coaching

NLP training will help with setting goals, communication mastery, techniques for motivation and achievement, sports performance enhancement, techniques to resolve fears and phobias, and weight loss techniques. NLP Training for coaching is suited for those of you seeking to start a NLP Life Coach Career, Business and Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Sport Teams Coaches, Personal Fitness Trainers.

4. NLP Training for Therapy

NLP training will give you a mastery of communication techniques to help resolve deep rooted issues, fears and phobias, habits and addiction, and moving people from un-resourceful, stuck states to resourceful ones. Rather than deal with memory content, it focuses on memory process, which provides mental health professions with tools to move clients beyond their limited states into states of health. NLP Training for therapy is suited for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Counselors, Doctors, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.

5. NLP Training for Public Speaking and Charisma

The NLP training course helps to give you a mastery of communication which can be used for media interviews, influencing others, and giving you the ability to be charismatic and a great public speaker. There are many known famous coaches that implement NLP training techniques from Anthony Robbins to Phil Jackson, NBA Coach Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers; Jimmy Conners ,tennis; and Jay Brunza ,former Tiger Woods Mental Coach… This is great training for anyone who appears before groups: Organization Presidents and Officers, Politicians, Lawyers, Business Executives, Advocates, Actors and Musicians.

6. NLP Training for Education

With an NLP training course you will learn techniques for instilling motivation, understanding learning and coding of experience, how to enhance memory and create faster learning. NLP Training for Education is suited for Teachers, Professors, Principals, Parents and anyone engaged with the teaching process. Roger Lees and the National Center for Human Development taught thousands of New Jersey teachers NLP methods for classroom application.

NLP Life Coach and Practitioner Training

Classes TBA. Course tuition remains only $2995.00. That includes all materials and Certification Testing Fee (usually an additional $350.00 expense). Space is limited. Register today and reserve your place.

Want to experience and sample NLP, our trainer and the training? Then come to our:

Introduction to NLP

Enjoy a morning experiencing the power of NLP for you! You will improve self-confidence and enhance your physical, mental and communications performance immediately! Experience a variety of NLP Techniques, such as a powerful method to instantly establish rapport. Learn how to immediately access your own personal state of excellence on command. Learn and experience a quick process to eliminate stress that you can apply throughout your day. Recognize how you structure experience and how to use that knowledge to speak the other person’s language. Imagine living your life empowered!

Date: TBA 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Place: National Center for Human Development

Cost: $59.00

Limited Seating. Advance registration required. You may register through PayPal below, or call 732-244-6116.

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